Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Renewable Energy

Development and Harnessing of Hydro-Energy Sources

Most of the areas where MRDC is working is endowed with hydro-energy sources with potentials to be developed and tapped. This component aims to harness these energy sources to derive power that will run the devices needed for agro-processing, village mechanization and appropriate industrialization of the rural areas. It covers the establishment and construction of water turbines and water wheels. Wherever possible other energy sources should be considered.
Micro - Hydro Project
The micro-hydro is powered by cross flow turbine that will generate mechanical and electrical energy to power equipments. It will make use of an existing irrigation canal for the water supply .An intake dam and fore bay had to be constructed and a 6-inch diameter penstock will be used to direct the water to the turbine. This is to energize processing equipment such as the rice mill, sugar cane presser, flourmill and the power tools for the blacksmithing activity in the daytime and to provide domestic lightning during the night. The maximum output of the electrical power is 7 kilowatts.

A committee for the overall management of the project was formed and each component has their own committee for the day-to day operations. The committees are composed of three individuals. These are appointed during the general assembly held once in two years. Each committee has the collective responsibility for the smooth functioning and maintenance of the equipment and to ensure the implementation of plans, policies and guidelines agreed upon. Individual tasks are also clarified. These are the (a) operator, (b) treasurer/collector of the payment and (c) chairperson. Committees meet every quarter for the assessment and planning.

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