Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Brief History of MRDC

The Montañosa Research and Development Center, Inc. (MRDC), was established in 1978 and the main challenge during this period was the search for mechanisms that will promote peoples’ involvement in the development process. This was premised on the view that the Igorots of the Cordillera possess the scientific knowledge of the biophysical conditions of the land and an understanding of the balance of interactions between land and people. As such, they are crucial in giving substance to a development strategy of resource utilization that will generate long term benefits for the greater majority.

Since then, MRDC has consistently pursued meaningful development concepts on sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. And among its breakthrough projects are:
Documentation of indigenous knowledge systems in agriculture, analyzing its socio-cultural values, their scientific basis, their role in natural resource management and translating these into training modules;

Agroforestry and forestry projects which lessened the pressure on the remaining rainforests/watershed and reclaimed grassland areas;

The 1st Micro-Hydro Powered project in the Region and now the longest operational multi- purpose, community-managed MHP project in the country.

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